North Side Windows & Shutters

Yes, I've been procrastinating on this last side of the house, but it's been conveniently wet and gloomy here. Still, weather permitting, I managed to do some prep work.

The hardware was removed on all five windows. Have you ever seen such a long hook? When the shutter lays flat along the wall it locks into place (most of them do), but because this window is right beside a wall at a 90 degree angle, it needs this hook to keep it from flapping in the wind.

My witches brew jar containing the remaining hardware.

Here are the ones that were refinished during winter.

The bottom portion of the window is where re-glazing is mostly needed. It now has to cure for a little while. On the left is the window that needs that long hook.

Studio window. Notice the dark green paint drippings on the brick - one day I will write about "The Green Paint Nincompoop from the Past" that left his clumsy signature workmanship all around the house.

Dining room window. I didn't take shots of the two upper level windows, the angle was too sharp and it's kind of 'the same old' anyway.

My working station on the side porch where I will be found when I'm not in my studio or in my garden. I won't bore you with progress shots, but I will show you when I'm done. Until then, stay tuned for some miscellaneous summer posts on things mostly relating to the Victorians and the DV.

Wishing you all a great summer!