Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Sun Worshipper Trellis

I call this trellis 'The Sun Worshipper' because it looks like a figure who is looking up to the sky with her arms raised as if to say "Please sun god, make this garden thrive, pleeeeeeeeeease".

This trellis is made with much thinner branches than the flower wreath trellis. I wired each intersections instead of using screws.

Once my basic grid was done, I cut the top centre branches to fit in a wreath for the head.

To hide the shiny wire at the intersections, I used garden twine and I added a few more branches on each side of the wreath for the arms. (In this shot, the shadows are creating this abstract, cyclops version of Munch's 'The Scream')

I then planted two stakes in the ground to affix the trellis in place. My snow peas will have plenty to grab onto. I imagine that at some point, my sun worshipper will be sporting a full-length green gown with little white flowers - if the sun god answers her prayers.

Enough with the backyard. Now for some enbellishment at the front.

Fiesta petunias for the hanging baskets...

...and the urn.

A little voice with a French accent keeps nagging me to get back to my windows.


Mark D. Ruffner said...

You are always so busy with projects! I like your expressive trellis and that it's so natural. Wouldn't it be interesting to wonder if plants are more receptive to growing upon something with which there might be a natural communion?

The Dusty Victorian said...

I think I'm what people call a 'busy body', but only in spring and summer. Come autumn and winter, I slow down and become quite lethargic.
Your question is fascinating and very eloquant - excellent organic food for thought.

GinaBVictorian said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog! I love your Victorian house, it's so pretty. You are so lucky to have one. I hope you will visit me on my blog. Have a great day!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Gina and welcome to the DV,
Thank you for dropping in.

Donna said...

Everything looks great, Anyes! Spring is difficult, no? You want everything to look so beautiful--inside and out--but it takes a while to get there.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Donna,
I know what you mean. There is so much to do in such a small pocket of time. Thankfully, Spring gives me so much energy, but that too will only last for so long. I really feel like I'm in sink with my garden - grow, bloom, slow down, go dormant.
Always a pleasure,