Friday, December 2, 2011

Adieu ma tante Jesus

In the popular conscience, death is so often accompanied by pain, drama and horror. To me, it was a dreadful mystery until I saw it happen before my eyes.
My aunt Angeline, also known as tante Angie and ma tante Jesus when we were kids, passed away softly, simply and peacefully, the same way she lived her life.

I always dreaded the coming of autumn, but being a witness to her passing was very much like seeing my garden slowly die - very naturally. I think I will see autumn, winter and death very differently from now on. Thank you tante Angie.


Laura said...

So sorry for your loss.
Yes, witnessing a death is quite something. Life changing.

I was watching Elizabeth Edwards being interviewed once and she was asked if she was afraid to die-because she had terminal cancer.
She said that once you've buried a child, death is not something you fear again.
Funny how things can change our perspective.


The Dusty Victorian said...

Thank you Laura

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Hi Anyes,

I'm sorry to hear of your aunt's passing. If we could all lead long rich lives, then die peacefully, I guess that's as much as we can ask for.


The Dusty Victorian said...

Thank you Pam,