The Countess' Cedar Gown and Top Hat Christmas Decoration - Completed

Top hat in Autumn 2012
To change the top hat's colour from craft paper beige to red I used red tissue paper torn up in pieces no bigger than 3"x 3" and pasted them all over using a paint brush and a 50/50 mixture of white glue and water.

All the ornamentations I had already.

18th century wig autumn 2011
For this year's wig, I used red fabric petals instead of paper. It kind of looks like a rubber bathing cap at this point, but with the hat on, it looks good and it keeps the hat from sliding on the glass.

Note the bold rectangle faceted jewellery - very Cartier.


Unfortunately, the Countess lost her head during the French revolution, which is why she comes to me in two parts, but you can imagine that she would strike a dashing figure entering a room with this outfit.
I think she is truly the spirit of Christmas.

Wishing you a lovely holiday time.