Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doors Open Ontario 2013

Every year, Doors Open Ontario attracts large crowds across the province. From April to October, residents and visitors are invited to discover first-hand Ontario’s hidden heritage treasures, some of which have never been open to the public. Since the program was launched in 2002, nearly five million visits have been made to heritage sites participating in this exciting initiative. Doors Open Ontario, now considered a cultural phenomenon, will continue in 2013 with hundreds of communities participating across the province.

We are very proud to announce that The Dusty Victorian will be part of this cultural event. On September 28th, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, The DV will open its double front doors and welcome all. Please click on this link to know more about other St Marys open door participants.

The first Doors Open Day (La Journée Portes Ouvertes) took place in France in 1984. The idea soon spread to neighbouring countries, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and Scotland. In 1991, these events were united as European Heritage Days at the initiative of the Council of Europe. In 2003, all 48 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention participated in European Heritage Days. In 2000, the City of Toronto launched the first Doors Open event in North America. In 2002, the Ontario Heritage Trust launched Doors Open Ontario, the first province-wide event of its kind in Canada. The Doors Open concept continues to spread across North America with events now being held in Newfoundland, Alberta, Massachusetts, Western New York State, New York City and Denver. Here you'll find Doors Open events in other countries

Perhaps we'll see you then?


Mark D. Ruffner said...

Dear Anyes,

Congratulations on becoming part of this good development. We live in an age when people are connecting so thoroughly through digital means, and yet I think that will ultimately bring more people to connect personally!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark,
I very much agree, I balance between both worlds is essential.

GinaBVictorian said...

Hi Anyes,
It's nice hearing from you again. Sounds like you've been busy. That is great that your beautiful Victorian will be a part of the Doors Open Ontario. Love the view of looking out your front door from the stairwell. Take care,
Gina at Victorian Wanna Be

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Gina,
Why is it that when we are young, time seams to stand still and as we get older, we keep running out of time.
Yes, it's the busiest time of the year for me, so much to do on the exterior of the house - things I can only do in summer. Thankfully, it's also the time when I have the most energy, non the less, my body doesn't always follow my enthusiasm.

Rosemary said...

Dear Anyes - would love to step through your very impressive and inviting doors.
If you do not mind I will pass the information on to my brother and his wife who do live in Ontario and may be interested.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Rosemary,
Please do so, thank you so much. It would be lovely to meet your brother and his wife, they would be most welcome if they could make it. Of course, meeting you would be the highlight of that day, but I'm realistic...
Always a pleasure,

JC said...

Aww man! I'd love to go see your place, but unfortunately I don't have a car, and you're about a 7-8 hour drive west from me. :(

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi JC,
I understand very well distance issues, my family is in Quebec. But thank you for the sentiment, perhaps another year. I will hold you to it.