Joyeux Temps des Fêtes a Tous

Well, the gingerbread house has been sprinkled with powdered snow, the Christmas tree has been set up outside on the front porch this year (we have a male dog, need I say more?), the fall wreath has been restyled into a wintery one, the urn arrangement is front and centre and our beautiful metal wall ornament has been mounted. This was a gift from Brian's parents, owners and operators of Alloy Foundry and Village Metalsmiths in Merrickville, Ontario.
Thank you Karl and Linda. We love it!

A little more shopping, but we are almost ready!

Thank you to all who have been visiting the Dusty Victorian during the year. It's been a real pleasure exchanging thoughts, feelings and images through our blogs. I'm looking forward to 2011 with all of you.