Victorian Style B&B and Bespoke Sign

Our home has now been welcoming B&B travellers for a year and a half. The income has been devoted to the repairing and maintenance of this big thirteen-decade-old house. I held-off on making a sign until we were sure we'd found this little venture to be enjoyable. It has been just that. So here I am, presenting my sign made in the old school and up-cycled style. 

It's not a big sign - we are not Motel 6 after all - it's really for people who have previously booked a reservation; it reassures them that they are knocking at the right place. A handmade sign, it was done without the aid of my computer. Don't get me wrong, I love my iMac and adore my iPad mini, (which I refer to as "my precious"), but for custom work, it was easier to simply use pencil and paper, paint and paint brush.

To see the making of the sign from beginning to end and the creative process behind it, go to my 
art studio blog:

David Smith is a real master in Victorian sign-making from the UK. Click on his name and watch the video of the artist at work - you will be amazed. Art for commerce, but not commercial art.