Monday, June 2, 2014

Heritage Plaque Set in Stone

The final stage for our heritage designation is now complete with the installation of an elegant round plaque, cast in brass, measuring 10" across. Mr Sandy Maclean, master stonemason had the task of permanently installing the plaque at the front entrance.

On May 31st, we had the pleasure of hosting a little get together with friends and neighbours to celebrate this honour. Guests were greeted with coffee, tea, orange juice and home baked muffins.

Trisha McKibbin, St Marys Museum and Archives Manager, a key figure in the realization of our heritage designation.
Twenty-eight people showed up on that beautiful Saturday morning, filling the library, the dining room and spilling into the hallway. It was so nice to see the house filled with people.

Forground: Paul King, board member of Community Heritage Ontario and member of St. Marys Heritage Committee.
St Marys' Mayor Steve Grose spoke wonderfully, as usual, on the importance of history and heritage preservation for St Marys. Larry Pfaff, co-chair of Heritage St Marys, spoke eloquently on the history of our house, its unique architectural details and the importance of caring owners. Brian was also one of the speakers thanking everyone for joining us.
From left, Mayor Steve Grose, Brian and Larry Pfaff.

A thank you to  Stew Slater, journalist and photographer for the Journal Argus. You were invited as a friend, but we appreciate the exposure.

The dogs, naturally social, were very happy to see so many people and to get so much attention. 

Mayor Grose gave us the honour of unveiling the plaque, ending the morning on a joyful note.

Trisha McKibbin, Mayor Steve Grose, Larry Pfaff, moi and Brian.
There are so many misconceptions on the topic of heritage designation, misconceptions not dissimilar to urban legends or old wives tales, based on exaggerated stories and/or ignorance. There will always be people propagating erroneous information on the topic, but the truth is easily found.

A house is not a museum. Wall colours and furnishings will change from owner to owner, personal taste and modernization is inevitable, especially in such rooms as the kitchen and bathroom. One needs the conveniences of modern day life in order to fully enjoy one's home. These conveniences keep a home relevant, comfortable and desirable, but respecting its antique nature is important to us. We consider ourselves custodians of this house, trying our best to preserve, maintain and protect the important work previous owners have done before us. 

On the topic of building preservation, here is a link from one of my favourite blogs, The Craftsman:
"Demolition is a Choice not a Solution"

A special thank you to Trisha McKibbin of the St Marys Museum and all who helped make the designation possible.

St Marys Journal Argus - Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Journalist/Photographer: Stew Slater 


Mark Ruffner said...

Dear Anyes,

Congratulations to you and Brian on realizing your plaque and all for which it stands. I've enjoyed watching the love and energy you have put into The Dusty Victorian, and the plaque is really a testament to your vision and work. The older I get, the more I realize that we are only custodians to all that is about us.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Thank you so much Mark, you've been wonderfully supportive through your kind and encouraging words.

Rosemary said...

Delighted to learn that the final stage of your heritage designation has been accomplished.
You have put so much love, and hard work into the house and the plaque is the final endorsement of your achievements.
Wish that I was nearer so that I could see and admire it all at first hand.
Congratulations to you and Brian.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Rosemary,
Thank you so much. Unfortunately, now days, these unveiling of heritage plaques are few and far apart. There is still much to do on the house to truly deserve your accolades, but we appreciate your kind words and support.
How I wish you could be closer as well.

Amy Lavender Harris said...

Such a beautiful house, Brian!