Blessed Beaded Easter

I found this porcelain egg cup in an antique store near Ottawa. It has no markings, but I think those two bunnies are adorable. Imagine, they have to work in tandem to support the weight and keep the cup balanced, all while being back to back. The lovely beaded egg was made by Astrid when she was seven or eight years old. She made the ones below as well. Rare are the crafts I ended up keeping (parents will know what I mean), but these were all keepers.

Instructions: Empty the egg by piercing the shell at both ends. Blow the content out. Brush some glue on the egg in small sections, then dip it in a bowl of beads. Leave section to dry, then proceeded to do another section until the egg is covered. There is less waiting having several eggs going at the same time. Very easy to make and the results are lovely, which is kind of rare for kids crafts.

Happy Easter!