Friday, August 31, 2012

Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival, September 21 -23, 2012, is Ontario’s premier culinary event celebrating the creative partnerships between producers and local chefs, inviting celebrity chefs and renowned cookbook authors to present innovative and emerging culinary ideas at delicious tastings and learning events. Free music concerts, artisanal markets and street theatre all converge in Stratford’s heritage garden district for a flavourful weekend of fun!

In the spirit of Stratford's culinary festival, I'm posting some shots of my fruits and vegetable garden in full maturity. 

My plump and plentiful raspberries.
My Brandywine heirloom tomatoes are sweet, juicy and not at all acidic. Unlike last year, there will be so much to collect.
We can't keep up with the cucumbers, so our neighbours are enjoying them as well. 
My sun worshipper trellis is not very well dressed. The snow peas took a long time to get started and seem to be struggling, but we did get to eat several handfuls.
The carrots are still growing.
The Italian parsley...
the basil...
the sage, rosemary and lavender have simply been wonderful.
Compared to last year's mediocre results, the 2012 bounty is almost overwhelming for an amateur gardener like me. 
A great Labour Day weekend to all!


Mark D. Ruffner said...

I love the concept for the Stratford culinary weekend, and your garden looks very healthy. I'll bet you can tell a difference in the taste!

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hello Mark,
I think it's so smart to promote local producers and local chefs through this festival. Yes, the flavour and aromas from my garden are heavenly and I love the fact that they only traveled several steps from my backyard to my kitchen.